icons-GG-FINALCultivating Community through Sustainable Agriculture

Genesis Gardens is a gathering of neighbors from all over Austin. We come together to practice hospitality, recall what it means to put down roots, and share the abundance of our yields.

About a year ago, I was hit by a car. No longer able to work, I was homeless and hungry. Thanks to the Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck, I was able to eat. That’s when I met Steven and he offered me work at Genesis Gardens. Now, I am a Community First! resident and have a safe haven from my troubles. I have a home! —ANTHONY

Tending the Garden

Working in the gardens provides a dignified income opportunity for those we serve and purpose in the midst of the community.



Sharing the Harvest

The bounty from the garden is washed, bunched, canned, pickled, preserved, or cooked and delivered door-to-door to Community First! residents. Each delivery is a chance to connect neighbor to neighbor through the delight of sharing the best eggs, fruits, and vegetables on earth.

Farm Development

The farm at Community First! Village includes:

  • 200 fruit and nut trees
  • Dairy goats, chickens, rabbits, and honeybees
  • 3 acres of organic vegetable production
  • Geodesic dome ft. citrus, avocado, and an aquaponic system

The Genesis Gardens crew is caring for the land and preparing it for the homecoming of the residents of Community First! Village.

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We encourage individuals, groups, families, and businesses to work alongside us in the garden. VIEW OPPORTUNITIES >


They shall live in the houses they build, and eat the fruit of the vineyards they plant.  — ISAIAH 65:21