Alan Graham
Alan GrahamChief Executive Officer
As I ponder my life here on this earth, I can see quite clearly the many times God has spoken to me, and sadly the many times I refused to listen. READ MORE >
Kevin Shepherd
Kevin ShepherdChief Operating Officer
Kevin is a native Texan and a graduate of Louisiana State University. He is a CPA and spent three years with KPMG Peat Marwick in Houston. READ MORE >


Tricia Graham
Tricia GrahamResident Care Director
Brigette Moore
Brigette MooreResident Care Administrative Assistant
 Jamie May
Jamie MayCommunity First! Village Property Mgr
 Matthew McElhaney
Matthew McElhaneyAssistant Property Manager
Ed Lundin
Ed LundinChaplain
Taylor Graham
Taylor GrahamStewardship Director
Anna Campbell
Anna CampbellVolunteer Coordinator
Steven Hebbard
Steven HebbardCommunity Inn Director
Bethany Hebbard
Bethany HebbardCommunity Corps Director
 Sarah King
Sarah KingCommunity Art House Director
Heidi Sloan
Heidi SloanGenesis Gardens Director
Evan Wilson
Evan WilsonCommunity Forge & Woodshop Director
Valerie Krygsheld
Valerie KrygsheldCommunity Market Team Lead
Jim Dauster
Jim DausterAssistant Farmer
Matt Freeman
Matt FreemanSpiritual Director
Matt runs The Gathering, a Christ-centered mission at Community First! READ MORE >
Larry Crawford
Larry CrawfordMaintenance & Construction Director
Alan Finch
Alan FinchMaintenance
Ben Palmerlee
Ben PalmerleeMaintenance
Bobby Capers
Bobby CapersMaintenance
Ray Ramos
Ray RamosMaintenance
Charles Green
Charles GreenResident Care Assistant
 Tony Spinelle
Tony SpinelleSJN Commissary Manager
Ed Travis
Ed TravisCommunity Cinema Director


Joslin Pollard Winston
Joslin Pollard WinstonExecutive Assistant to Alan Graham
Trina Bolfing
Trina BolfingOffice Coordinator
Linda Burch
Linda BurchReceptionist & Safety Coordinator

Community & Donor Relations

 Donna Emery
Donna EmeryDevelopment Director
Teresa Wilbanks
Teresa WilbanksCapital Campaign Manager
Tracee Henneke
Tracee HennekeAnnual Giving Manager
Thomas Aitchison
Thomas AitchisonCommunications Director
Perri Verdino-Gates
Perri Verdino-GatesCommunications Coordinator
Elizabeth Hunt
Elizabeth HuntGrant Manager


Venus Chin
Venus ChinChief Financial Officer
Andrie Cantu
Andrie CantuBookkeeper, Accounts Receivable
Lolita Reyes
Lolita ReyesBookkeeper, Accounts Payable
Eileen Henke
Eileen HenkeAccounting Assistant


Luis Gonzalez
Luis GonzalezIT Coordinator