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This sculptural class will focus on the development of large, organic forms in steel through manipulation of mass and the application of heat and pressure. Under master blacksmith Haley Woodward’s direction, the elements that students create will later become components of a two-seater bench as part of a public arts initiative starting right here at the Community Forge.

Students will create organic forms both by striking in teams as well as through the use of our #6 and #8 fly presses. Fly presses are extremely powerful and versatile manually operated forging presses that offer a nearly infinite resource for blacksmiths of any production level, and this class will provide students a chance to gain an intimate familiarity with the tooling and operation of these durable, useful machines.

About the instructor: Haley Woodward began working iron in 1998, and has since earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture, and an MFA in Blacksmithing at SIU Carbondale. In addition to creating architectural and residential ironwork at his shop here in Austin, he also teaches blacksmithing at Austin Community College as well as blacksmithing workshops at private craft schools like Penland, the New England School of Metalwork, and the Center for Metal Arts. His work has been featured in juried exhibitions around the country, most recently at Dimension Gallery here in Austin, and the Metal Museum in Memphis, TN.