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The history of baskets is almost as old as the history of man. When humans began to plait fibers together for containers, baskets were created. Many patterns of baskets were created using grasses, trees, and other natural fibers. The basket making technique in this class is splint weaving using flat materials. In Asia these baskets were made with reed and cane from rain forests. Splint weaving in Europe and the Americas is done today with reed and cane, but also with fibers from oak, ash, and hickory trees.

Instructor, Linda Burch, has been a basket collector for years, but did not attempt to make baskets until the Fall of 2016. She attended a basketry workshop at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina and her love of basket making has replaced basket collecting.

Please join us as we practice the art of basketry together by making a Little Tote Basket.