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What if I have a criminal record? Does that disqualify me from applying?

Having a criminal record does not disqualify you from applying for a home in Community First! Village.However, an applicant who is currently or has ever been on the Sex Offender Registry will be automatically disqualified. Additionally, Mobile Loaves & Fishes reserves the right to disqualify someone who: Has committed a misdemeanor assault within the past [...]

Is there wifi in Community First! Village?

There is currently wifi available in the Village. It’s important to realize that reception may not always be available inside of your home, but wifi is accessible across the property outside of buildings. There are options to purchase a wifi extender or satellite upon your move in. Mobile Loaves & Fishes makes no guarantee of [...]

What can I do while I wait to be called for a housing interview?

The time between application submission and application approval can last up to one year or more. Please know we are doing our best to accommodate as many applications as possible. While you are waiting, please keep us informed of any contact information that needs to be updated or a change in your housing status. Failure [...]

Can I have a car when I live in Community First! Village?

One vehicle per lease is permitted on the property. Any exceptions must be cleared by Property Management as there is a very limited amount of parking. All of our neighbors’ vehicles must have proper MLF permits. Those that do not are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Please also note that vehicles are prohibited [...]

What can disqualify me in the application process?

An applicant who is in violation of the rules and regulations of Community First! Village prior to moving in will be in danger of being disqualified. This includes, but is not limited to: falsifying information of any kind, squatting on Community First! Village property, causing public disturbances on property, any illegal activity on site, being [...]

Can I have pets in a Community First! Village Home?

Community First! Village neighbors may have up to two pets. Neighbors must acknowledge that they have received and understand the Community First! Village Pet Rules. A pet deposit, up to date vaccination records and proof of spay/neuter will be required before you can move in. Neighbors will be responsible for complying with all of the [...]

Can I apply to live with someone else? 

There is a one (1) person maximum occupancy for Microhomes (MH) in Community First! Village. Couples who both apply and qualify separately may live together in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) or Park Model RV’s (PMRVs). 

Is there an income amount requirement? 

You must have enough income to pay your rent, utilities, and other necessities of life. There are no minimums or maximums; you just need to be able to comfortably pay your rent.