Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the capability to deliver the Symposium online. We think that spending time on-site at Community First! Village is the best way to truly experience the community, and we’ve designed a three-day learning opportunity to help those who are interested in this model to learn more. 

We’ve had many individuals attend a Symposium who haven’t yet secured their nonprofit status, and they’ve used a variety of means to raise the funds for the trip to Austin. Some have used GoFundMe or other crowdfunding platforms, while others have reached out to friends and loved ones directly for support. Community First! Village is an $18 million undertaking, and each year we have to raise much of the operating revenue because rent only covers a small portion of the funds needed to care for our neighbors. Thus, the ability to raise funds is an important piece of pursuing our overall vision. We encourage you to look at the Symposium as your first investment in the future of your own community.