The Community First! model is built on the foundation of Genesis 2:15 – “The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and care for it.”

With Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Truck Ministry, we allow the broader community to move throughout areas of the metaphorical garden that they normally would never have found themselves in—street corners, homeless camps, alley ways, shelters, etc. In doing so, volunteers are able to use food as a conduit for connecting human to human, heart to heart and building relationships with the homeless men and women who they encounter on the streets.

Through such interactions with our homeless friends over the past two decades, Mobile Loaves & Fishes has come to the understanding that the single greatest cause of homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family. It’s from this understanding that our vision emerged of building Community First! Village to welcome home individuals considered outcasts who had been despised and pushed to the fringe of society.

Once settled, it is inherent in humans to desire to be purposeful. It is our goal to mine that purpose in each individual, which we do through our Community Works program.