The smiles just seem to say it all – “It is good to be home for the holidays!” These are some of my formerly homeless friends who have made their way home for the holidays, and they are home because of you! Through your goodness, more than 100 formerly homeless neighbors have come home to Community First! Village this year. For many of them, this will be the first time in a long while that they will experience the joy of Christmas at home surrounded by a caring community.

At Mobile Loaves & Fishes we offer so much more than a meal.
We offer dignity, empowerment, relationships and community. We offer a way home.

Your generous donation will keep Mobile Loaves & Fishes trucks on the streets serving goodness to our homeless brothers and sisters this Christmas Day and every day.

Thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas with those who need it most.

Donate to Greatest Need
Donate $120 Deliver 40 Meals
Donate $90 Deliver 30 Meals
Donate $30 Deliver 10 Meals

Unfortunately, many of our friends are still living on the streets of Austin this holiday. For them, Christmas Day will come and go like any other day with no family and no place to call home. Our homeless neighbors will spend the day hoping for a warm meal and a safe place to sleep. They are alone and hungry, and they need your help!

Because of your goodness, you make it possible for our teams of compassionate volunteers to provide healthy meals, clean clothing and other basic necessities to our homeless neighbors.

Your gift also does so much more.

It sustains our homeless friends with community, dignity and hope.

Through your faithful support, lives are transformed and the homeless are lifted off the streets and into community and home.