The Community Inn Reservation Inquiry Form

Thank you so much for your interest in staying and serving at the Community First! Village. Please note that our website is now live. For full information on our accommodations, rates, and availability, please visit

You may still use this form if you are interested in bringing a group of 9 or more and have special questions about our accommodation offerings, packages, or services. You may also email us directly at 

We look forward to helping you arrange your stay! 

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Reservation Details

NOTE:  We love children, and they are welcomed to participate with your group at the Community First! Village.  However, we cannot guarantee age-appropriate activities or service projects for children under the age of 12.  If you bring children under 12, please be prepared to supervise them at all times.
Lodging Options and Pricing 
You can view all our current accommodation offerings on our website. Reservations are made on a "first come, first served" basis, so we will ask that you provide a 50% deposit to hold your spot. 
Volunteering at the Community First! Village
Service is at the heart of the Community First! Village. We look forward to connecting you with one of our many volunteer opportunities on the property. These events are a great way to participate in the work of the Village and to build relationships with our residents. Please note that our weekend volunteer events run from roughly 9 am to noon on Saturday mornings, with options for Saturday afternoon service. Weekday service events can also be arranged for Tuesday-Friday, based on availability. Our volunteer spots fill up quickly, so booking early gives your group the greatest chance of reserving volunteer spots. Even if we don't have space for you to volunteer, you are supporting the work of the Village in meaningful ways simply by staying with us and getting to know our residents! 

Comments and Questions
What comments, questions, or concerns do you have regarding your group's stay at the Community First! Village?  Please provide them here and our Innkeepers will be sure to address them during their follow-up call.

We look forward to your stay at Community First! Village. Blessings!