Alan Graham and his buddy and neighbor, JR

While his time on the streets lasted about three years, John “JR” Rogers says he feels like he was homeless most of his life before moving into Community First! Village. Designated as the outcast of his 11 siblings, JR lost the sense of love at an early age and later dealt with his heartache by blowing into a harmonica. JR has experienced his fair share of storms in life, but felt the sharpest loss when his wife of 32 years passed away. This loss pushed JR into a deep depression that eventually left him living on the streets and believing he could no longer trust anyone. It hasn’t come easy, but JR has learned to receive and, in turn, provide unconditional love to anyone he encounters as he has a newfound appreciation for what he considers the true meaning of multiplying God’s Kingdom. (Editor’s Note: JR is the talent behind the harmonica you hear at the beginning and end of the Gospel Con Carne podcast. Thank you for keeping in mind the beauty of the person behind the blues as you listen to his episode.)

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