John Vincent and Alan Graham

John Vincent was the most enthusiastic neighbor ever to grace Community First! Village, known by all for his larger-than-life personality and entrepreneurial mindset. Sadly, John left this world too early. He passed away a few months ago after suffering a major heart attack, and we miss our brother deeply. We’re grateful to have been able to record this Gospel Con Carne episode with John prior to his passing and be able to share a glimpse of the amazingly rough though beautiful life he lived. John endured a childhood of abandonment and as an adult spent a good number of years in prison where, as he describes, it often seemed easier than living on the streets. In this final conversation we were blessed to have with John, he shares the ongoing struggles of addiction and how community was the difference maker in his life as he pursued a path of transformation. Your Community First! family misses you, John, and we love you dearly.