Volunteer with St. John Neumann

Contact:  SJNCommissary@mlf.org 

For other truck communities, please contact the respective Volunteer Coordinator to check for volunteer opportunities available at each community.

Make Ready Teams

Volunteers commit to a once per month service (1st Monday, 3rd Thursday, etc.) on the same team. They prepare the sandwiches and load the trucks with clothing, food and toiletries. It takes an average of 1.5 hours, depending on the number of volunteers, to complete it. Teams can have  around 8 people total.

 1st  Friday  35  4:30 PM  3
 3rd  Tuesday  40 4:00 PM  3
 4th  Friday  49  4:00 PM  2
 3rd  Friday  10  4:00 pm  1
 2nd  Wednesday  3 & 31  4:15 PM  2-3 (Load trucks only; no food prep)
 1st  Monday  22 & 53  4:00 PM  3-4 (make sandwiches and load trucks for 2 teams)
 4th  Tuesday  41  4:00 PM  3
 2nd  Wednesday  888  4:00 PM  4 (and a team captain)
 2nd  Monday  77  5:00 PM  1

Volunteer with Saint John Neumann Commissary

Truck Teams

Volunteers commit to a once per month service (1st Monday, 3rd Thursday, etc.) on the same team. The truck team captains choose an itinerary the morning of the run from predetermined locations on our website. You can see some of the locations we frequent by going to mlf.org and clicking on the Austin map in the bottom right corner. We serve the men, women and children who find themselves homeless and working poor by going to locations such as government housing, intersections, parks and transitional housing. Drivers must be at least 25 years old and have a clean driving record. Anyone under 18 participating in a run must be accompanied by an adult. The trucks hold 6 people including the driver. Truck teams take an average of 2 hours depending on the itinerary.


Volunteer with Saint John Neumann Commissary

Food Pick-Up

Several local businesses/bakeries donate bread and pastries to us. We need volunteers to pick up these items on a weekly basis and bring them to the commissary. Some of the businesses include Bougie’s Donuts, Central Market, Blue Baker, Rudy’s, Great Harvest and Moonlight Bakery.


Volunteer with Saint John Neumann Commissary

Egg Ministry

Volunteers commit to bringing in 3 dozen hard-boiled eggs (not peeled) once per month. They can choose from Egg Team 1 which brings their eggs in on the 1st Sunday of the month, through Egg Team 5 who brings theirs in on the 5th Sunday (happens approximately 4 times per year). Volunteers may deliver the eggs anytime from their scheduled Sunday through the following Saturday to bring in the eggs.

Baking Desserts

Volunteers make cookies or brownies to put out on the trucks as desserts. Once cooked, they are bagged into individual hearty servings (approx. 3 average size cookies). We put 65 desserts out per truck run.

Food and Clothing Drives

Your group can sponsor a food or clothing drive to benefit MLF. Items always needed include new or gently used clothing, shoes, non-perishable food items, Capital Metro bus passes, HEB/Wal-Mart gift cards and travel-size toiletries.

Household items such as pots/pans, dishes, sheets, pillows, bedspreads are also needed for our Community First! neighbors (please deliver these to Community First! Village at 9301 Hog Eye Road, ATX 78724).


Click the link below to sign up for maintenance and preparation volunteer opportunities