I heard the laughter and music before I even opened the door. When I made my way into the Community First! Village kitchen, I found the culinary team joking, singing and cooking together as they prepared a hot lunch for their neighbors. The glorious smell of this fresh cooked meal greeted me like a comforting hug. It reminded me of my own kitchen and the many family meals we’ve made and shared there.

At Mobile Loaves & Fishes, we know a shared meal creates fellowship, builds community and connects us human to human and heart to heart. During this pandemic and time of social distancing, our culinary team has stepped up in new ways to feed their neighbors, keeping them safe and connected. With your generous support and the assistance of our partners, the team is cooking fresh, healthy meals for our Community First! Village neighbors each day. They even love creating delicious meals from their favorite recipes!

This regular meal offers a time for neighbors to safely come out of their homes, visit with others and receive a warm lunch or dinner to take home. It truly is food for the body and the soul.

The culinary team also prepares and stocks our Community First! Village food truck with nutritious, pre-packaged meals for homeless neighbors, and our Missional Volunteers deliver them to the streets. In fact, since March of this year, you have provided more than 1000 meals each week to our Village neighbors. Another 800 meals have been delivered weekly to homeless men and women through our partnerships with The Other Ones Foundation and Sunrise Church.

“In every house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The pandemic has made that clear. Our culinary team is central to community right now because we need food to come together in whatever way we can.”

Keaton Graham, Culinary Program Manager

Please click the card below to download our Blueberry Bread Pudding dessert recipe. It is one of the team’s favorites!

Friend, the global health crisis has stretched us in ways we never anticipated, and you’ve been with us through it all. We need your help today to continue serving those who need us most. Your compassionate gift provides for the immediate needs of our homeless friends and our Community First! Village neighbors. It’s your goodness that is transforming their lives and restoring their hope in the future.

In this season of thanksgiving, we are so grateful for you!

Greatest Need
Support Dignified Income for Village neighbors.
Sponsor a Garden Bed to Feed Village Neighbors
Fill a Fridge for a New Village Neighbor

“I love knowing that my friends on the streets don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.”