Alan Graham

Learn more about Alan’s personal story and his journey of discovering the true meaning of home in his new book Welcome Homeless.

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Alan Graham

CEO, President & Co-founder

As I ponder my life here on this earth, I can see quite clearly the many times God has spoken to me, and sadly the many times I refused to listen. But there was this one time with my wife Tricia present along with a good friend when I heard about this ministry in Corpus Christi, Texas, and how on cold winter nights multiple churches would come together and pool their resources to take out to the folks who lived on the streets. Then KABOOM! There it was—this image of a catering truck as a distribution vehicle from those of us who have abundance to those who lacked abundance. Nearly two decades later I can clearly see God’s providential hand in each and every aspect of this ministry—from the extraordinary staff here at Mobile Loaves & Fishes, to the more than 18,000 volunteers who serve with us throughout the Austin community.

Most importantly, God blessed me with my best friend and wife Tricia. We have lived in the same home since getting married more than 30 years ago, and have four beautiful children: Decker, Taylor, Marlee and Keaton, and a wonderful niece Samantha who we were blessed to include into our family. At the moment we have three dogs, one cat, four chickens and a bunch of wildlife around our home. We would probably have more pets but the coyotes keep our population in check in our neighborhood.