planned giving

Planned Giving, Investing in Eternity


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.
Matthew 6:19-20a

Many people don’t think they have much of an estate. However, when they add up their home equity, retirement accounts and life insurance, they are surprised to discover they have a larger estate than they imagined. Making a gift from your estate to Mobile Loaves & Fishes will have a tremendous impact on our mission. Here are some ways to do so:

Our desire is for you to discover the joy of giving back to the Lord that with which He has blessed you

Wills and Living Trusts

Your gift may prove to be an ideal way for you to ultimately continue your call to serve our homeless brothers and sisters

Please include Mobile Loaves & Fishes in your Will or Living Trust and your legacy will continue after your lifetime. No charitable gifts can be made from your estate without a stated designation through a will. To do so, please use the following bequest language:

“I, [name], give, devise and bequeath to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc., the sum of [$ ______ or ____ % of my estate].”

Life Insurance & Investment and Retirement Assets

Life insurance with heavenly dividends.

Retirement assets are tax-deterred accounts intended to promote savings for retirement.

Is it possible that you have not named a contingent or secondary beneficiary on your life insurance or not know whom you have named as your beneficiary?

You can name Mobile Loaves & Fishes as your primary or contingent (secondary) beneficiary on your investment accounts. Please consider reviewing your beneficiary information and designating Mobile Loaves & Fishes as your primary or contingent (secondary) beneficiary on your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Annuities, or Life Insurance policy.

These assets require separate beneficiary forms. The beneficiaries of these assets can be easily modified at any time to meet your changing needs. For workplace accounts, you may be able to make your designation online or through your HR department. For private accounts, you can contact the investment company to request a beneficiary designation form.

Please use the following language:

“I designate Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc. to receive the sum of [$ ______ or ____ % of my account/policy].”

Because most retirement plans are tax-deferred and therefore subject to income tax to your beneficiaries, retirement assets make ideal gifts to Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Naming Mobile Loaves & Fishes as the beneficiary of retirement assets upon death generates no income taxes. The benefit to Mobile Loaves & Fishes will be tremendous at your passing. Your legacy will be carried on far into the future!

Gift of Real Estate

With a major gift of real estate to MLF, you can continue to plant and nurture love here on earth and empower others into a lifestyle of service with our homeless brothers and sisters

Did you know that you can donate your house or other real estate to Mobile Loaves & Fishes and receive a significant income tax deduction?

If you would like to donate real estate to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, please let us know your intentions first. Once we are aware of your plans for making this type of donation, we will want to make sure your goals can be realized within our gift acceptance policies. We will also need to inspect the property and perform other types of due diligence.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts

A gift annuity establishes a lifetime of fixed payments to you or a loved one.

Did you know that you can donate to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, receive a tax deduction and enjoy a lifetime of income? Please ask your tax advisor how you can set up a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust with Mobile Loaves & Fishes as the beneficiary.

…..and there are even more ways to give than those listed above!

We sincerely hope you will contact us about leaving a gift that will have a lasting impact for years to come. Tracee Henneke, or 512-328-7299, would be honored to answer your questions and help you process your gift.

The information contained herein is for explanatory purposes only and is not intended to be used as tax advice. Mobile Loaves & Fishes recommends that you contact a professional tax advisor who can provide you with additional information on how your participation in the programs mentioned on this site may affect your personal tax situation.