How to Apply for a Home

Before applying, please read our Community First! Village FAQ’s.

Am I Eligible?

All potential residents will be required to complete the Coordinated Assessment Intake, provide fingerprints for FBI check, and agree to a criminal background check. To ensure that Community First! is addressing the problem of chronic homelessness in Austin, we will require potential residents to show proof of homelessness for at least one year within the Austin metropolitan area.


How Do I Apply?

Mobile Loaves & Fishes requires all potential residents to participate in Coordinated Assessment as part of the initial application process for Community First! Village. If you’ve completed the Coordinated Assessment intake through another agency, you do not need to do it again; we will have access to your information. Completing a Coordinated Assessment and starting the application process is NOT a guarantee of housing – it’s just the first step in the process.

Coordinated Assessment is a chance for you to let multiple programs in the community know that you would like some help finding housing and to determine what, if any, other programs you may qualify for. To complete the Coordinated Assessment, please contact ONE of the following agencies:

For more information about the process, please call ECHO at 512-234-3630. Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am – 4pm

Coordinated Assessment is just one step in your housing search. Do not stop here! If a program has an opening for which you qualify, they will attempt to contact you directly. Be absolutely sure you have some way for us to reach you.

There is no need to contact assessment staff again unless you need to update your contact information (such as a phone number change or a new case manager). It is important for you to continue accessing every opportunity you possibly can.

Be prepared to discuss what you have tried recently to get yourself into housing. What has worked in the past? What hasn’t worked? What are your greatest resources that could help you get into housing? Keep a journal, if possible.

If you are in case management with a program now, continue to work with your case worker on your housing goals. Many programs in the community do not participate in the Coordinated Assessment process yet. As part of Coordinated Assessment, staff will provide you with a list of external resources that you can try to access on your own or with your case manager.

For more information or to verify eligibility, please contact ATCIC at 512-804-3264.

micro home at Community First! Village in Austin Texas - housing the homeless

micro home streets at Community First! Village in Austin Texas - housing the homeless

mobile home at Community First! Village in Austin Texas - housing the homeless

RVs at Community First! Village in Austin Texas - housing the homeless