Information and services if you or someone in your family are currently homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

  • Addiction Center

    The Addiction Center provides information about the connection between homelessness and addiction, including treatment options for individuals coping with substance abuse.

  • Apply for a Home

    How to start the process of applying for a home at Community First! Village.

  • Aunt Bertha

    works to connect individuals with verified social care providers who will best serve their needs. Simply enter your location, and Aunt Bertha will provide resources within your community.

  • Caritas

    Caritas provides resources for housing, food services, education, employment and veterans assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness in Austin.

  • The Challenger Newspaper – Resources

    Austin area social services guide

  • ECHO

    The Ending Community Homeless Coalition (ECHO) works with nonprofit and government agencies to coordinate assistance and housing for individuals experiencing homelessness in Austin and Travis County.

  • Front Steps (ARCH)

    Front Steps provides programs to address immediate and long-term needs for individuals experiencing homelessness, including emergency shelter, case management, recuperative medical care and affordable housing and other supportive services. The ARCH is designed to assess an individual’s needs, provide information on how and where to access services, and meet the basic emergency needs of homeless adults.

  • Life Works

    LifeWorks provides a continuum of support for homeless youth and families with programs including housing, counseling, education/workforce and youth development.

  • SAFE

    SAFE is committed to providing safety, stability and healing and other support services for anyone who has experienced violence and abuse.

  • Family Eldercare

    Family Eldercare provides essential services to seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

  • Integral Care

    Integral Care provides assistance to individuals with mental illnesses, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in Travis County by providing counseling, drug and alcohol treatment and housing assistance.

  • Foundation Communities

    Foundation Communities provides affordable homes and on-site support services for families with kids, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

  • provides information, resources and treatment for people battling addiction and related conditions.