Among the neighbors living in Community First! Village are a number of individuals who make up our Missional Community. These are residents who have not experienced chronic homelessness themselves, but have been called by God to serve the men and women who have been lifted up off the streets into a new home of permanence.

Missionals aspire to put their own faith into practice by serving and being a good neighbor to those around them. They also embody the overall vision of Mobile Loaves & Fishes—empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with homeless.

Missionals are uniquely committed to the mission, vision, values and goals of Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

They pay rent and all their expenses to live in Community First! Village, and donate their time as part of being involved in the community. They are intentional neighbors, and all have one main attribute in common—they are people of good will with a passion to serve our brothers and sisters who are transitioning out of chronic homelessness.

Interested in learning more about the dedicated group of Missionals living in Community First! Village and the discernment process for becoming a Missional? Click below for more details, and let’s continue the journey!

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