When you close your eyes and think of home, what comes to mind? For our friend and neighbor, Jason, it’s Community First! Village.

Earlier this year, Jason was stricken with an illness that left him struggling with amnesia. For several days, he couldn’t remember his fiancée Sabrina, his son, or even that he is a talented artist. To help with his recovery, Sabrina showed him pictures of family and friends, and then set up a canvas next to his supplies and encouraged Jason to paint.

“I just thought I’d paint something that deeply signifies how I feel about living here in the community.” – Jason

Housing alone will never solve homelessness, but community will. 

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Jason and Sabrina spent more than a year living in a tent in the Esperanza Community, a state-sanctioned homeless
encampment that is now managed by our partners at The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF). While staying there, they met Brian, who soon moved to Community First! Village. It wasn’t long before Brian invited them to come see his new home.

From this initial visit to Community First! Village, Jason and Sabrina immediately knew this was the place they wanted to call home. Even before they moved in, they would come to the Village on a regular basis, getting to know other neighbors and volunteering around the community. Jason and Sabrina moved to Community First! Village in July of 2021 and are grateful to have made their home in this caring community.

“She said, ‘Just paint something you know.’ At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I painted all night, and this is what I came up with. This is my home, and as the sign in the painting says, Goodness Lives Here.”    – Jason

“We are no longer homeless. We have a home. We work. We pay our rent and we take pride in our home.”
– Sabrina

Now safe and settled in their forever home, Jason and
Sabrina are supported by people who know and love them.
They have found a new respect for themselves and feel a
great sense of purpose and dignity here at the Village. Jason
earns a dignified income as an artist in our Community Works program. Sabrina works with our move-in team preparing homes for new neighbors. Through her unique perspective, she creates a home that each new neighbor will love to call their own.

Through your support, our formerly homeless neighbors are rebuilding their lives with the support of their community and creating new memories of home!

“I have never been happier anywhere else! I don’t want to live or work anywhere else. This is my favorite place in the world!” – Sabrina

Your generous gift will provide ongoing support for Community First! Village and move our homeless neighbors off the streets into a place of permanence and community.

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Support Dignified Income for Village neighbors.
Sponsor a Garden Bed to Feed Village Neighbors
Fill a Fridge for a New Village Neighbor

We are proud to offer a collection of notecards, ornaments and prints featuring Jason’s artwork in our online shop!

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“We are eternally grateful for
everything MLF has done for us! They literally saved our lives.”
– Sabrina