Out of an abundance of caution and to help protect our most vulnerable neighbors, Community First! Village will remain closed to all visitors, volunteers and events for the month of May.

The safety measures we implemented when the COVID-19 health crisis first hit the Austin area are working well to protect our Community First! Village neighbors. Everyone has adapted to the new way of doing things around the neighborhood, and we will continue to practice added safety protocols as long as necessary to help care for the formerly homeless men and women who live here.

“We are huggers and it is hard not to hug our neighbors, but we are keeping our distance to keep everyone safe.”
– Tricia Graham, Director of Resident Care, Mobile Loaves & Fishes

As we have shared with you before, social distancing is particularly difficult for us at Mobile Loaves & Fishes! However, we have been doing our best to resist handshakes and hugs in order to keep everyone safe as we navigate through this health crisis. Tricia Graham, our Director of Resident Care, has been a regular on the front lines as she oversees the organization’s daily engagement with our Community First! neighbors. In this recent episode of the Gospel Con Carne, Tricia gives an update on life in the Village during the COVID-19 crisis and reports on the many partners and collaborators who have stepped up to help during this most challenging time.

We want to remind you all, our most loyal and compassionate friends and volunteers, that while we may be socially distanced, we are still close at heart.

You are the goodness that is Mobile Loaves & Fishes!