Community First! Village is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.

A Place to Call Home

The Community First! Village will radically transform and renew our community as we lift homeless men and women up from the streets and into a permanent home.

Over the last 9 years, we have successfully lifted 99 disabled, chronically homeless neighbors into housing with 87% successfully lifted off the streets.

The Community First! Village Includes:

  • An innovative mix of affordable housing options
  • Places for worship, study, and fellowship
  • Memorial garden and columbarium
  • A community garden featuring fruit- and nut-bearing trees and vegetables
  • A chicken operation, bee hives producing fresh honey, and aquaponics
  • A workshop with tool bank and art gallery for micro-enterprise opportunities
  • A medical facility for physical and mental health screenings and support services including hospice and respite care
  • Walking trails
  • An outdoor theater and bed & breakfast for mission visits
  • CAP Metro bus stop
  • WiFi


Pave the Way Home

Your financial support is vital to providing a home for our disabled, chronically homeless friends.

There are many opportunities for you to pave the way home for our homeless brothers and sisters in need.

Please contact Donna Emery, donna@mlf.org, for more details.

Community First! 5th Wheel RVs

5th Wheel RV


GOAL:  100
Each home will include a fully functioning kitchen equipped with cooking supplies and refrigerator, bathroom with standup shower, separate bedroom with fresh linens and new bed, living and sitting area and ample storage space.
Community First! Micro-Homes



GOAL:  100
The micro-home ranges in size from 144 to 180 sq. feet and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is equipped with electricity, and its unique design maximizes airflow for the comfort of our residents and reduces the need for excessive power usage even in the most extreme weather conditions. Outdoor kitchens, private bathrooms, and shower and laundry facilities are conveniently located throughout the property.

Watch us build this house in 6 hours >

Community First! Canvas-Sided Cottages

Canvas-Sided Cottages


GOAL:  25
These cottages are built securely on a structured deck. Approximately 12×12 in size, the one room cottages offer a single bed, chair and a small table. This home is equipped with electrical power, a wall socket and ceiling light. Outdoor kitchens, private bathrooms, and shower and laundry facilities are conveniently located throughout the property.


The World’s First Community

Powered By Crowdsourced Energy

You can now donate energy and energize the lives of the residents of Community First! Village.

Gridmates send energy


Leave your legacy by putting

your name on a homesite.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes invites you to place your name on a homesite at the Community First! Village. Naming opportunities are optional and can include in honorarium, in memory, scripture, or inspirational verses.

Your generous donation is just the first step in what we hope will be long and meaningful relationshipNaming Opportunitys with our residents.

Contact Us

Explore ways you can Pave the Way Home:

  • PARTNER with us in the making of a home and finishing touches with décor, furnishings, fresh linens, and prayer.
  • CELEBRATE a new resident’s homecoming with a traditional house blessing.
  • BUILD community through Village gatherings, gardening, and celebrations.

Donate or Volunteer

Fill out the form below or contact Donna Emery at donna@mlf.org to set up an appointment.

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Apply For A Home

For more details on applying for a home at Community First! Village, please CLICK HERE.


“The Lord God took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden
to cultivate it and take care of it.” GENESIS 2:15