We provide food and clothing and promote dignity
to our homeless brothers and sisters in need.

Genesis Gardens

Cultivating an empowered community of the neighborly and the homeless. 

Volunteer | Wishlist

Genesis Gardens is a community development program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, utilizing sustainable agriculture to support, equip and empower our brothers and sisters in need.



Volunteer with us!

To sign up for an upcoming event visit us at Genesis Gardens Volunteer Sign up

Garden Maintenance
Carving out a garden bed with a fork and shovel, planting a bed of tomatoes, turning the compost pile, constructing a beehive roof, watering the seedlings, checking on the worms, and feeding the rabbit are just a short list of what might be done on this day to make a beautiful, productive, and ultimately compelling space to promote the Genesis Gardens vision.

Farm Development
The mini-farm will have 120 fruit trees, 120 chickens, 12 community garden beds, and over 2000 square feet of organic vegetable production. Most of the work at the Village Mini-Farm will be construction for the next few months but we’ll eventually be getting 80% of all our food harvests out of this space.

First Fruits Brunch Team
The First Fruits team will be taking from the bounty of our harvests and combining it with their gifts and love to share a meal with their hungry and needy brothers and sisters.

Harvesting & Prep Team
We are looking for volunteers (individuals or groups) to work with a seasoned gardener to harvest, pluck, pack, trim, and wash the farm veggies that will be delivered to Community First! residents. We are putting together this team NOW! Email us if interested!

(Good) Food Distribution Team
The Genesis Gardens Food Distribution team will be doing a very simple act- getting the best food on earth into the hands of those who can least afford it. But they are doing it with an open heart and willing ear to engage those living in our Community First! program. There is nothing more traditional than to share some of your backyard honey, or a bag of freshly picked veggies with a neighbor. That’s the spirit of Genesis Gardens. Sound like you? Email us for more info.

For more information on volunteering or special projects with Genesis Gardens, contact
Sarah Boettcher: sarah@mlf.org

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Genesis Gardens Wishlist

-Mason jars in quart, pint and half pint sizes to hold our pickled and preserved fruits and veggies.

-These kinds of bottles for our honey.

-Ziplocs in quart and gallon sizes.

-Medium sized tupperwares for distributing fresh salads and warm soups.

-Easy-light charcoal to fuel our brunches.

-Extra rainboots, rain jackets or ponchos.

For more information on giving an in-kind donation, contact Heidi Sloan: heidi@mlf.org

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