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It’s time to unsettle the ordinary. Amid an epidemic of homelessness, the Gospel calls us to make a home among the poor, surrendering comfort for community. That’s why we created Community Corps—a four-month adventure anchored at Community First! Village that provides life-changing discipleship, hands-on service, and vibrant community among our chronically homeless and formerly homeless neighbors living in Austin, Texas.

Come see what life is like at Community First! Village

Community Corps will teach you how to embrace a lifestyle of service, empower the formerly homeless, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Austin’s innovative Community First! Village is a 27-acre master planned development that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community Works program provides micro-enterprise opportunities that enable formerly homeless men and women to earn a dignified income, develop new skills and cultivate enduring relationships as they take part in a restorative journey home.

Program Benefits

Hope & Justice Retreat — an overnight adventure on the streets of Austin, as we explore the roots of chronic homelessness.

Bible Study and Book Discussion  — intensive, focused Bible studies with fellow Corps members and Community First! neighbors once a week.

Prayer & Worship — morning prayer with fellow Corps members twice weekly, with additional opportunities at the Village for prayer and worship throughout the week

Mentorship — one-on-one conferences every other week with the Community Corps Director or an MLF staff member. These meetings will give you a chance to check in, share questions or concerns, and grow in your faith.

Community Art House – The Community Art House provides a means through which our highly creative artists at Community First! produce and sell some of the best works of art in Austin.

Community Concessions and Catering – Our Community Catering & Concessions program provides opportunities for Community First! residents to earn a dignified income through concessions-related events at the Village.

Community Forge and Woodworking – The Community Forge & Woodshop empowers our Community First! friends to engage in the creation of timeless crafts while also earning a dignified income.

Community Inn – The Community Inn is an on-site bed and breakfast, providing overnight lodging for guests of Community First! Village, and income for our resident housekeepers and hosts.

Community Market – The Community Market not only serves as a convenience store for those living at Community First! Village; it also showcases and sells the products our neighbors create in the Forge, Art House, and other programs.

Genesis Gardens– Through Genesis Gardens, neighbors from all over Austin come together to roll up their sleeves and engage with Community First! residents, practice hospitality, recall what it means to put down roots, and share the abundance of our yields.

Property Management – The Property Management Team oversees the operations and management of the Village property, including facilities maintenance, rental agreements, security, and more.

Resident Care – Our Resident Care team works diligently to help our formerly homeless brothers and sisters transition into their new homes at Community First! Village. They shepherd and sustain residents by planning community events and encouraging healthy living.

Soap & Herbal Products – Using milk and herbs from our on-site gardens, Community First! residents earn dignified income by making goat-milk soap and other products.

Volunteer Hospitality – The Volunteer Hospitality Team welcomes and trains both short-term and recurring volunteers, providing a crucial gateway for individuals, families, and groups to enter the work of Community First!

On-site lodging in one of our Village “micro-homes.”

Tuesday lunch with Community Corps Apprentices and Village neighbors

Opportunities for deep connection with Village residents through meals, art & craft workshops, movie nights, and more!

Homemaking Project: this “capstone” project will allow you leave your fingerprints on the Village.

Program Details

The Community Corps is open to all applicants 18 and older.

Each applicant is required to provide two references.

We reserve the right to conduct a background check.

For a 16-week term (14 weeks in summer), applicants are asked to raise $3500.

The following table shows how these funds are used:

 Category Cost
Orientation & Retreats $200
Curriculum Expenses (books, etc.) $200
Community Life $300
Staff Salary $500
Housing $2300

For many applicants, raising funds is the first step of faith in this adventure. We encourage applicants to invite their church community, friends, and family to partner with them through fundraising and prayer. Contact us at to receive a resource packet full of ideas and materials you can use in fundraising.

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download our Community Corps Applicant Guide.

But I say that wisdom is better than might, though the poor man’s wisdom is despised and his words are not heard — ECCLESIASTES 9:16 ESV