One of our goals at Mobile Loaves & Fishes is to transform the way people view the stereotype of individuals who find themselves homeless. After more than two decades of serving and working within the homeless population, we believe the stereotype of chronically homeless individuals as it relates to crime is actually wrong. Chronically homeless individuals are among the most vulnerable and most often are the victims of crime, as opposed to being the perpetrators of crime.

Every neighborhood in any city at any time is susceptible to some level of criminal activity. Neighborhoods can mitigate potential criminal activity through strong vigilance. The very essence of Community First! Village is neighbor looking after neighbor. Crime statistics for the three mile area surrounding Community First! Village show a dramatic contrast to what we experience in our neighborhood. According to the Travis County Sheriff’s office, Community First! Village typically has fewer calls than many apartment complexes of similar size. We are hopeful that our model and vigilance can be transferred to our surrounding neighbors so that they, too, can experience the safety and refuge that our residents enjoy at Community First! Village.