There’s no place like home for Christmas. Home is where our traditions are born, memories are made and time is shared with our families. Although everything in our world may be different this year, being home for Christmas can bring us all some familiar comfort and joy.

Celebrating Christmas at home is not an option for our homeless neighbors, but you continue to work to bring them home, and we are so grateful! Even though a global pandemic and economic recession threatened our ability to serve our friends, you came alongside us and led the way home. It is because of you that construction progressed on Phase II of Community First! Village and that we were able to begin moving our homeless neighbors home this fall!

My friends Vernon and Helen spent many years on the streets and recently settled into their new home in Phase II of the Village. Spending Christmas at home is a wish come true for them. One of my other new neighbors, Letty, loves to cook and her kitchen is stocked with all she needs to prepare her favorite holiday recipes in her own home this year.

You brought them home in time for Christmas!

Friend, the COVID-19 health crisis has made the pandemic of homelessness even more apparent in our city. Our homes are fundamentally vital to our health and safety, yet our homeless neighbors have no place to safely shelter. They are alone, hungry and exposed with no place to call home.

While this year has been one of many uncertainties, we have always been certain about you.

Greatest Need
Support Dignified Income for Village neighbors.
Sponsor a Garden Bed to Feed Village Neighbors
Fill a Fridge for a New Village Neighbor