HOpe for a better life.
HOpe for a permanent home.
HOpe for a caring community for the holidays!

“I’m happy to be home for the holidays. I want to be around my family here in the Village and spend time with them.”  – Bryan

“It’s wonderful to have a home where I’ll be warm and safe and be able to celebrate the birth of Christ.” – Sabrina

“We have our God-given family, but the Village is also our family. We’re beginning to live again because we can connect. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays.”  – Shelia

Multiply Your Goodness by Giving Now to the Expansion of Community First! Village and your gift will be matched!

Multiply Your Goodness Here

You, my friend, are a dealer of hope!

For those men and women experiencing homelessness who are holding signs on street corners and especially for those hiding deep in the woods, you are a source of great hope!

Because of you, more than 105 formerly homeless neighbors have come home to Community First! Village – this year alone! You gave them hope and because of your generosity, they are home. They will spend the holidays safe, warm and surrounded by community.

Your enduring hopefulness and support have kept the goodness going! With your support, construction on Phase 2 of the Village continues. Once complete, we will have 310 new homes for new neighbors. We are also preparing for the future expansion of Community First! Village across two new properties that will allow for an additional 1400 homes.

Wishing you the joy of the season!
Multiply Your Goodness