March 20, 2020

We are so grateful for everyone who has come up alongside MLF to offer their prayers and support during this challenging time. As we work to mitigate the risks of this virus on Community First! Village, your support is paramount in helping to ensure our neighbors are well cared for and loved.

The best way to assist our organization at the current moment is through financial support. This allows us the flexibility we need to make day-to-day decisions on how to best care for and meet the various needs of the men and women who live in Community First! Village. Your donations can help provide meals for our neighbors, cleaning & sanitation supplies for the Village as well as other essentials as we all adjust to the rapidly evolving situation. We are all in uncharted waters, and we deeply feel our responsibility to protect our neighbors. We need your Goodness now more than ever!


And more importantly, please pray. The MLF family firmly believes in the power of prayer in our lives, and that we are loved by a God who can move mountains. Thank you for praying for Community First! Village neighbors, for our homeless friends on the streets and for MLF’s staff and leadership as we navigate the best ways to care for those we serve.

We will continue to update you on additional ways you can help in the days and weeks ahead, as our needs evolve. Thank you for reminding us what an extraordinary community of support we’ve created together!