Recently I asked my friend Charlie how his life changed since coming home to Community First! Village and he responded with three words.

“Gratitude. Service. Community.”

Today, Charlie is dedicated to serving God, his Village neighbors and his homeless brothers and sisters who are still suffering on the streets of Austin. Sadly, he knows all too well the difficulties his homeless friends face because he once lived that life. A few years ago, when Charlie got sick and could no longer work, everything in his life changed. He found himself in the relentless struggle of life on the streets. He was hungry, isolated and had no safe place to call home.

One day, he heard friends talking about Community First! Village and wondered if this was the answer to his prayers. With nowhere else to turn, he reached out to a MLF food truck volunteer to learn more about this community.

Our Mobile Loaves & Fishes trucks are a beacon of hope for our homeless brothers and sisters. We know that relieving immediate hunger is fundamental for taking the next step toward healing, earning an income, making a home and developing healthy relationships. Today, Charlie volunteers to serve his homeless neighbors through our new Community First! Village Truck team. Our formerly homeless neighbors come together and prepare the food, stock the truck and go out to serve their homeless brothers and sisters who are living on the streets.

“My life began again here, and I’m so grateful!” – Charlie

“I got my meals from MLF trucks many times while I was on the streets. Now I have the opportunity to give back by serving my homeless neighbors.” – Charlie

Friend, I hope you know You are the Goodness that is Mobile Loaves & Fishes.
Through your support, our neighbors have the opportunity to restore their lives.

Will you join Charlie in sharing your goodness today?
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Your gifts enable Mobile Loaves & Fishes to provide ongoing support for Community First! Village and for our homeless friends through MLF’s Truck Ministry.
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Charlie has been living at Community First! Village for more than a year now. He has regained his health and made new friends. He earns a dignified income through his work in the Community Inn and has found a real sense of purpose for his life. With the support of his best friend and neighbor, Tracy, he serves breakfast every Sunday morning to his Village neighbors.

You may remember meeting Tracy last year. Since that time, Tracy started college classes while working full-time and serving her neighbors as a representative on the Community Council. She also helps Charlie prepare the Sunday morning breakfast and together they serve their homeless neighbors through the Truck Ministry.

At Mobile Loaves & Fishes we offer so much more than a meal. We offer dignity, empowerment, opportunity and community. We offer a way home. We count you among our blessings —not just during the holiday season, but every day.

Our Resident’s Journeys


I'm really proud to live here.


Living here has brought change to my life, and now I am able to help somebody else. This is how to build a community.

“When I first got here, I stayed to myself, but the community – the people – brought me out. The purpose of the breakfast is to share a meal and get to know each other in a positive way.” – Charlie

Hear more of Charlie’s story as he discusses the pain of broken families and the deep desire to discover a place to belong in his own episode of the Gospel Con Carne podcast, hosted by MLF founder Alan Graham.
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