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Community First! Residents


After 51 years, I finally have a home. I love living here. It’s the best place in the world to live.


I believe MLF saved my life. They didn't give up on me. I haven't had that since my mom died.


A friend told me that the Mobile Loaves & Fishes food truck was parked under the bridge at 12th and Chicon. It had been raining. I was hungry and wanted to get to the truck, but my wheel chair got bogged down in the mud. I had to crawl to the truck. I was embarrassed, wet and dirty, but they helped me clean up, gave me dry clothes, fed me, and prayed with me. They treated me with dignity.


“I was at the same job for seven years, maintaining a large property. I happened to lose my job and everything kind of went downhill after that. I was going through a divorce and just started to lose everything. Me and my dog, Bones, wound up homeless. We were living in a tent, making it [...]


“I grew up in the Houston-Galveston area and everywhere in between there. I worked for another nonprofit in town called Imagine Art. I cooked for them for two-and-a-half years, and then they voted me out of their budget. I was sort of in limbo. Then one day I saw Steve Hebbard, who is sort of [...]


Sometimes life hits us hard. I’ve endured some rough spots in my life, and I’m thinking you probably have too. For you and me, the relationships we have with family help sustain us through these difficult times. Sadly, this is not true for our friends living on the streets. They are alone, vulnerable and have [...]