Looking through old family photographs can be a fun experience. Seeing pictures of different family members or friends and remembering life’s precious moments together can truly bring a smile to one’s face.

For our friend Gary, a handful of photographs is all he has left of his family.

The primary cause of homelessness is a catastrophic loss of family.


Gary’s brother, sister and father had already passed away when his mother suffered life-threatening complications from diabetes.  He had to make the heart-wrenching decision to remove her from the machines that were keeping her alive.

Completely distraught, Gary no longer cared about life.  He turned to alcohol for relief.  Gary was alone and hopeless.  He fell deeper and deeper into alcoholism, and found himself homeless for the next 10 years.

“When my mom, dad, brother and sister died, I got lost.” — Gary

At Mobile Loaves & Fishes we offer so much more than a meal.
We offer dignity, empowerment, relationship and community.
We offer a way home.

Your support has helped Gary and many other homeless friends like him find their way home again. Community First! Village is under construction and we are moving our friends into their new homes every week. This 27-acre master-planned community is designed to provide an affordable, permanent home in a supportive community for our disabled, chronically homeless neighbors.

Through your generosity, lives are transformed and our homeless neighbors are lifted off the streets and into community and home.

Please join us in transforming the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters. Your generous gift allows our volunteers to deliver meals with compassion, bring hope to the hopeless and be the family our homeless friends so desperately need.


“I believe Mobile Loaves & Fishes saved my life. They didn’t give up on me. I haven’t had that since my mom died.” — Gary