My friend Danny is homeless and has lived in a tent deep in the woods of Austin for many years. Danny has a strong love for God and for his homeless friends. Now because of your generosity, Danny is serving goodness to his homeless neighbors.


“We need water out here on the streets. We need it to stay hydrated and to keep us from getting sick.
I want to thank Mobile Loaves & Fishes for everything they have provided for me and the homeless community as a whole.”

“Last night five volunteers who are all homeless and one driver came together to become Truck Team 888. For the first time ever, an entire team of homeless people staffed a Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck to feed their homeless brothers and sisters on the streets, in their camps and hangouts. When we got to our first stop, the reception we got was amazing! When people came out of the woods, they thought that we were there to get fed, but when they found out that we were there to feed, it moved some of them to tears. It was like that all night! Some of those that we served asked if they could do truck runs too.” – Danny