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Hope. Home. Holidays.

Because of you, more than 105 formerly homeless neighbors have come home to Community First! Village - this year alone! You gave them hope and because of your generosity, they are home. They will spend the holidays safe, warm and surrounded by community.

Community Happens Here

For our homeless friends to truly settle, heal and transform their lives, they need much more than four walls and a roof to no longer be homeless. They need relationships. They need dignity and a renewed sense of hope. They need community.

Genesis Gardens

Cultivating Relationships. Harvesting Community. Have you ever tasted anything more delicious than fruit and vegetables fresh from the garden? Recently, on a tour with some new friends through Community First! Village, I noticed our mulberry tree growing in Genesis Gardens was bursting with berries. I stopped, [...]

The Mustard Seed Of An Idea

Everything we do is about relationships. In 2005, Mobile Loaves & Fishes purchased our first RV home and lifted one homeless man off the streets of Austin. That formerly homeless man, my friend Sam, has had a permanent home within this caring and supportive community for more than 16 [...]

There is No Place Like Home For Christmas

There’s no place like home for Christmas. Home is where our traditions are born, memories are made and time is shared with our families. Although everything in our world may be different this year, being home for Christmas can bring us all some familiar comfort and joy. Celebrating Christmas at [...]

Goodness Served Fresh Daily

I heard the laughter and music before I even opened the door. When I made my way into the Community First! Village kitchen, I found the culinary team joking, singing and cooking together as they prepared a hot lunch for their neighbors. The glorious smell of this [...]

We asked and you answered in a big way! Thank You!

Your Content Goes Here Amber Fogarty, MLF President & Chief Goodness Officer, reports on how your goodness is providing relief for our Community First! Village neighbors and our friends still experiencing homelessness on the streets of Austin during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more about how your generosity is [...]

You are Essential

During the recent weeks of uncertainty, it seems that use of the word essential has become more common. We are grateful that MLF is deemed essential as an organization that serves the homeless.

Home for Good

We are grateful to be celebrating our fifth year of Christmas Goodness at Community First! Village, and it’s all because of you!