austin-monthly-johnny“I was at the same job for seven years, maintaining a large property. I happened to lose my job and everything kind of went downhill after that. I was going through a divorce and just started to lose everything. Me and my dog, Bones, wound up homeless. We were living in a tent, making it day to day. Holding a sign, you know. Donna Emery [of Mobile Loaves & Fishes] brought me to volunteer out here about two years ago. Then they hired me part-time, coming out on Saturdays, paying me for it. Then it grew until I was working four days a week, and then full-time, plus Saturdays. I come out here, working at reconditioning donated RVs and helping run the food trucks. Now I’ve worked to the point where I could get a car, and the next step is moving into a micro-home. It’s a huge step. A lot of people who end up homeless like myself, we don’t have a lot of family, so this became my family…You can feel it when you come down here and work with the volunteers. It’s 100 percent changed my life.”

From Austin Monthly – December 2015