“I went through some troubles and separated from my family. Then about a year ago, I was hit by a car. No longer able to work, I was homeless and hungry.”

Christmas 2012, my friend Anthony was alone and living on the streets of Austin. Recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident and estranged from his family, he could not work and had nowhere to go. Christmas was spent looking for a meal and a warm place to sleep.


“Thanks to the Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck, I had a meal everday. That’s when I met Steven, and he offered me work at Genesis Gardens. Now I’m part of the Community First! housing program and have a safe haven from my troubles. I have a home!”

Like Anthony, many others will spend Christmas Day just like every other day; alone, hungry and with no place to call home.

For our homeless neighbors, the Mobile Loaves & Fishes trucks are a familiar sight of hope and friendship. Our trucks bring more than a healthy meal, new socks or a warm blanket. They bring compassion and community to those who have suffered a devastating loss of family. – Alan Graham

Through the Grace of God and the generous support of people like you, lives are transformed and the homeless are lifted off the streets and into community and home!