“I left home at 16 to escape my abusive father. I landed in jail. Before I was released, my mother died. I was devastated. Alone and homeless, I was starving on the streets until I found the MLF food truck. Right away, I felt that these people cared for me. They fed me, helped me find work in Genesis Gardens, and through the Community First! housing program, now I have a home.” –Ellis

In 2013, my friend Ellis found little joy in Christmas. He was alone, desperately searching for work, and barely surviving on the streets of Austin. With no family and no place to call home, he spent Christmas day looking for a warm meal and a safe place to sleep.


Thanks to you, this Christmas will be different for Ellis! Through your support, Ellis found his way home, but sadly, many others are still suffering. They are alone, hungery, homeless and they need your help.

– Alan Graham