Not unlike many of those living on the streets, Larry suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. He escaped home at an early age – hopping trains and working odd jobs as a mason, a construction hand and even as a carnie along the way.


Larry spent 19 long years on the streets. At his homeless camp, he offered warm meals and friendship to others living on the streets. For many years, Larry believed he would never “come in from the cold.” But through the grace of God, his “angels” and the support of people like you, he found a warm home in the Community First! program. Larry’s home often overflowed with guests, many of them his friends who still lived on the streets. The ultimate host, Larry always had a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade or a bowl of his infamous chili ready for his visitors.

His heart was full of love and he shared what he had with many organizations including the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Easter Seals and St. Joseph’s Indian School. His hospitality, generosity and fiery spirit will forever be treasured in our hearts.

“Taz was known for his hospitality. Wherever he was, it was a party! He always had room at his table for friends. Taz loved to cook and that was his way of showing love. We will miss him dearly.” — Elinor & Judy, MLF Volunteers


Larry “Taz” Williams passed away in 2013. He’s always in our hearts.