“Everything we do is about relationships. The biggest lesson we have learned over the years is that we are not a food ministry. We merely use food as a conduit to connect human-to-human and heart-to-heart.”

— Alan Graham, Founder & President

I first met Tony when our truck stopped in downtown Austin. Abandoned by his parents as a young child, the streets are the only home Tony has ever known. Sadly, his life was filled with drugs, gangs & violence. Tony went to prison, & after he was released, he tried to begin again. With nowhere to go & no one to turn to, Tony lived in a cardboard “house” in the woods.

In March 2005, Tony became our original Community First! resident & still calls one of our RV’s home. That same year, Tony met Pat, one of our founders & a tireless volunteer, when they were loading MLF trucks with supplies for Hurricane Katrina relief. They have been family ever since.

– Alan Graham

Tony and Pat

“Pat is the father I never had. He has helped me when I lost my leg to diabetes. He helped me through my divorce and when my son died, he was my rock.” –Tony

“Tony is a son to me. I am proud of him. We like to be together. We are family!” –Pat